My name is Salvatore Sclafani, and I’m a Film Director, Producer, and Cinematographer from Palermo, Italy. I completed more than 15 projects as a Director or Cinematographer and contributed in some ways to many others.

In 2017 I won the “Student’s Jury’s Award” for my short film “Self Control” at Moviemmece Naples Film festival, and in 2018 I won an award as Best Editor for the short film “We wanted to make pictures”, in which I was also the DP. The same short film won “Best Italian Short Film” at “Minneapolis–Saint Paul Italian Film Festival 2018”.

I started my own Italian production company in 2017, “First Child“, which in January 2018 won the “Nuovo IMAIE Short Film Grant” to produce the short film “IDDA”, and in 2019 is coming up with the feature film “A gifted man”.

For the first part of my life, I’ve worked as an actor, only to discovered my true and only passion: filmmaking. I have also worked as a Web Video Content Creator and as a Web Master/Designer during my past work experiences, I have a deep knowledge of social media and information technology. I’m passionate about storytelling and digital content, I gravitate around everything concerning movies, like editing, color grading, screenwriting or any other form of creation for the screen.

I have a BA in Art, Music and Show Bussines from Italian University Dams Roma Tre and a professional certificate in Entertainment Studies from UCLA Extension. I completed various workshops with many of the best professionals in Italy: Marco Bellocchio, Daniele Cipri and Giuseppe Lanci among them.

In 2019 I produced the feature film “Tyger Tyger”, starring Sam Quartin, Dylan Sprouse, Thea Sofie Loch Naess and Eden Brolin, alongside director Kerry Mondragon.

I’m currently living in Los Angeles. I love every content made with boldness and passion.


2019 – Sunscreen International Film Festival – Florida, USA
Best short film for “Second Acts” – Anya Adams

2018 – Social World Film Festival – Napoli, Italy
Rai Cinema Channel Award for “A day at a time” – Carmelo Segreto

2018 – Giulio Questi Awards – Bergamo, Italy
Best Picture for “A day at a time” – Carmelo Segreto

2018 – Rome Prisma Awards – Rome, Italy
Nomination as Best Editor for “We wanted to make pictures” – Niccolò Gentili

2018 – Italian Minneapolis-Saint Paul Film Festival –  Minneapolis, USA
Best Italian Short Film for “We wanted to make pictures” – Niccolò Gentili

2018 – SPELLOISFFestival – Spello, Italy
Best Editor for “We wanted to make pictures” – Niccolò Gentili

 2017 – Moviemmece Film Festival – Naples, Italy
School’s Jury Prize for “Self Control” – Salvatore Sclafani

2017 – Cortinametraggio – Cortina, Italy
Official Selection for “We wanted to make pictures” –  Niccolò Gentili

Salvatore Sclafani