2019: “Alliance” Tv Pilot, directed by Miranda Russo as Cinematographer
2019: “Welcome to LA” short film, directed by Amanda Kott as Cinematographer
2018: “Tyger Tyger” feature film, directed by Kerry Mondragon as Producer
2018: “Mad Dog Express” Short film, directed by Toshiya Shibusawa as Cinematographer
2018: “Idda” Short film as Director and Producer
2018: “Un giorno alla volta” Short film, directed by Carmelo Segreto as Cinematographer
2018: “A gifted man” feature film as Director, Producer and Cinematographer
2017: “Evolution” commercial, directed by Nicolò Durante as Cinematographer
2017: “Due punto zero” Short film, directed by Nicolò Durante as Editor and Cinematographer
2017: “Volevamo fare u’cinema” Short Film, directed by Niccolò Gentili as Editor and Cinematographer
2017: “Sudo sulla sdraio” videoclip, directed by Emanuele Sarallo as Editor and Cinematographer
2017: “Estate – Note d’amianto” – Music Video as Director, Editor and Cinematographer
2017: “Before they act” – Feature documentary film; Co-directed with Paola Piccioli as Director, Producer and Cinematographer
2017: “Due Giorni” – Short film as Director, Editor and Cinematographer
2016: “Clubbers” Web Series, directed by Alessio Di Cosimo as Editor and Cinematographer
2016: “Mio padre è sempre mio padre” Play (Video inserts), directed by Alessio Di Cosimo as Editor and Cinematographer
2016: “Self Control” – Short film as Director, Editor and Cinematographer
2015: “Voglio essere libero” Documentary Short, directed by Carmelo Segreto as Cinematographer
2015: “Hai mai pensato di fare l’attore?” Short film, directed by Lucio Veronesi as Editor and Cinematographer
2014: “Lucky” – Short film as Director, Editor and Cinematographer
2012: “To Dinner With Love” – Short film as Director, Editor and Cinematographer
2011: “C’era una volta la mafia” – Short film as Director, Editor and Cinematographer


2015: “Tiger La Serie” as Director, Editor and Cinematographer
2010: “Gli Intoccabili Show” as Director, Editor and Cinematographer


2018: Entertainment Studies Certificate at UCLA Extension 
2017: BA in Art, Music and Showbusiness at Roma Tre University
2017: Cinematography workshop with Giuseppe Lanci
2016: Filmmaking workshop with Marco Bellocchio
2015: Cinematography workshop with Daniele Cipri’

Salvatore Sclafani